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Designing the standard of visualization and software

Scope of the offer

          In large, decentralized control systems, the SCADA system is an indispensable element of an industrial installation. The application of appropriate solutions during programming, the SCADA software allows to expand the system in the future without modifying existing structures.

As part of the service, we provide:

designing of the standard of visualization and software

monitoring and archiving of binary values and analogue processes

production data management from the SCADA system level

programming of access rights to the SCADA system

programming of the possibility of controlling the production process from the SCADA system

designing of general synoptic screens and detailed processes

designing of screens with production statistics

designing of production planning screens

designing of system diagnostics screens

multilingual software

modernization and replacement of old SCADA systems with new ones

implementation and integration into a new or existing control system

consultation when selecting the system

consultation during design


Examples of tools we work with:

Siemens (WinCC, PMC Sicalis)

Rockwell Automation (Factory Talk View)

Wonderware (InTouch)

GE Intelligent Platforms (iFix, Cimplicity)

National Instruments (LabView)

Schneider Electric (CitectSCADA)

Dürr Systems (EcoScreen)

Progea (Movicom X2)


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