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Off-line programming, on-line programming, cycle time optimization

Scope of services

Robots programming is understood as individual tasks of changing existing programs, as well as comprehensive design of entire systems using robots. For complicated tasks, we carry out simulation of designed solutions, software tests as part of virtual commissioning, uploading on-line programs and commissioning at the customer's premises. 


As part of the robot programming service, we provide:

Preparation of software specifications and standards Preparation of interfaces for data exchange with PLC systems
Checking reachability and process points Division of the work area into the robot's collision zones
Preparation of complete "off-line" software Testing of selected software functions at the design stage
Commissioning of the software on an "on-line" industrial facility Analysis and optimization of cycle time
Consultation with the customer during the design, programming and commissioning of a robotic purpose


Processes in which we use our applications:


Spot welding and linear welding Moving, packaging and palletizing
Gluing Varnishing
Assembly Filling and dosing
Inspection and testing


Examples of off-line programming tools with which we work:

Process Simulate RobotStudio


Overview of the examples of robots with which we work:

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