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Design and programming of control systems based on controllers and applications for operator panels

Range of the offer

          In response to the customer's needs, we select the optimal PLC system based on the latest trends in automation. We specialize in products of both leading and niche producers.

          During programming, we carry out comprehensive tests and simulations in our laboratory. We check the correctness of PLC control functions as well as data exchange interfaces with operator panels and superior SCADA systems. For this reason, we are able to optimize some processes, which directly impact on the reduction of commissioning time on the site, already at the design stage.

          In addition to new commissioning, we also offer modernization of existing systems.


As part of the PLC and HMI programming services, we provide:


preparation of software specifications preparation of software standards
preparation of the function to control the correct operation of the installation preparation of interfaces for communication with distributed system elements
preparation of interfaces for data exchange with operator panels as well as SCADA systems tests of selected software functions at the programming stage
  consultations during programming

When designing the distributed control systems, we rely on the network solutions:


Profinet ProfiBus
DeviceNet Ethernet
InterBus ModBus



Examples of tools:


Siemens (TIA Portal, Step 7, Step 5) Rockwell (RS Logix)
GeFanuc (Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer) Mitsubishi (GX Works2, GX IEC Developer)
Schneider Electric (Unity Pro, Concept) Hitachi (ActSip H, Pro H+ LEW)
Omron (Cx-One) Beckhoff (TwinCAT)
Relpol (PC Need)  

          The visualization systems created by us present all the necessary parameters of the controlled process and enable the software to manually control the system without the risk of stopping production.


As part of the service, we provide:


development of software standards and visualization consultations during programming
designing of general synoptic screens and detailed processes programming of the possibility of controlling the production process from the operator panels

multilingual software

testing at the design stage

monitoring and archiving of digital values ​​and analogue processes

modernization and replacement of old operator panel visualization systems with new ones


integration of operator panel software with newly designed control systems, as well as integration with existing control systems



Examples of tools we work with:


Siemens (WinCC, Flexible) Proface (GP-Proo EX)
Allen-Bradley (Factory Talk View Machine Edition) GeFanuc (Proficy Machine Edition View)
Resotec (Visu4WINners) EasyView (EasyBuilder)



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