ul. Toszecka 102, Room 507, floor V, 44-117 Gliwice, Poland


electrical documentation, design and assembly of electrical cabinets

Range of the offer

          We design comprehensive electrical installations for the industry. The components are selected taking into account the reasonableness of solutions, costs, the possibility of modification and timely deliveries. We analyse and comply with the guidelines and regulations in force in the country of using the installation.

          During designing, we use advanced tools supporting design processes such as EPLAN Electric P8.


As part of electrical documentation design services, we provide:

calculations and dimensioning


selection of components


installation diagrams


preparation of material lists

consultation during design


preparation of cable lists


documentation update

preparation of clamping strips



preparation of I/O strips for PLC systems


          We manufacture and supply control and power cabinets for control systems in the most diverse construction forms, in accordance with applicable regulations, standards of a given installation and customer requirements.

Based on specific requirements, we are able to design and manufacture control cabinets, from small terminal boxes to complex multi-range systems for large industrial facilities.


As part of the design and assembly of control cabinets, we provide:

analysis of customer's regulations

analysis of system requirements

definition of guidelines and standards

development of a technical concept

system division into control zones and appropriate
number of control cabinets

design and installation of potential boxes

design and assembly of control cabinets

design and assembly of power cabinets

design and assembly of operator panels             

testing cabinets at the assembly stage

consultations during design and assembly

delivery to the factory

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